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We specialize in Groups, Meetings, Incentives and Events

A MICE DMC that offers Accommodation, Transport, Experiences, Tours and Team-building


Company Meetings with a purpose

We are a creative full-service DMC that will help make important decisions in planning, create and execute successful meetings - large and small.

The perfect company meeting is one that is well-organized, productive, with a clear agenda and a respectful and inclusive environment, while fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

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Meetings in Stockholm


The Power of Incentive Travel with a "Wow Factor"

Incentive travel is a powerful driver of motivation, engagement, and productivity within organizations.

We understand the importance of the “Wow Factor” in incentive travel and have the creativity and local know-how to make it a success.

The "wow factor" is crucial in incentive travel because it elevates the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Incorporating the wow factor is essential because it goes beyond the standard vacation or business travel, aiming to create a sense of awe, excitement, and exclusivity for the recipients.  It adds value not only to the incentive travel program but also to the overall success and reputation of the company.

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Incentive programs in Sweden


Conferences That Make an Impact

A successful conference is an event that effectively achieves its intended objectives, leaving a positive and lasting impact on attendees, organizers and participants, with the potential to inspire, educate, and foster connections that extend beyond the event's duration.

Our company is the perfect partner to help organize engaging conferences, characterized by seamless planning and overall attendee satisfaction.

We can organize a meaningful conference that provides a positive and enriching experience for attendees, leaving a lasting impression in terms of knowledge sharing, networking, fruitful interactions and professional growth.


Memorable Events

We have the staff and experience in planning and executing various types of events, which, with our creativity, innovation, and most cost-effective execution, will definitely make a splash among all participants.

We get involved in all aspects of venue selection, contract evaluation and coordination, ensuring that everything runs smoothly with meticulous planning and flawless implementation. We have extensive networks and contacts within the destination, which are vital to secure desirable venues, high-profile speakers, or to get access to exclusive resources and services.

Our staff will ensure that your event is well-executed, memorable, and aligned with your clients goals and objectives.

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Why use a MICE DMC?

To plan and execute an effective event or meeting, you need meticulous attention to information and expert coordination.

A DMC (Destination Management Company) is a specialist in just that.

Traveling to Europe and Sweden has its advantages, since the infrastructure for transportation and MICE services is highly integrated.